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About Guides and Vehicles


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Small world of travelers Tanzania is a small exclusive company founded on the principle of providing to our guests a true experience of the life, culture and natural beauty of Tanzania. Let our experienced guides show you the cultures and wilds of Africa. It is the intent of Small World Of Travelers Tanzania to design a safari around you. We will work with each of our guests to discover your desires, interests and needs to create a safari wholly fulfilling for you.



Guides and Vehicles

Infact  the  most important element of any African safari is the selection of the guide to escort you on your safari. At Small world of travelers Tanzania, we are proud of our professional field guides available to take you on safari.


Each and every member of the guiding  undergoes yearly training with Eco-Training Limited, for internationally recognised Professional Safari Guide Qualifications. Above and beyond this technical knowledge we ensure that all staff are fully competent mechanics and licensed to carry firearms, hence We are proud  that our safari  guides are fully equipped to meet all “bush” eventualities.

Of course, we recognise the need for specialisation when it comes to escorting guests around the complexity of Tanzania’s eco-systems as well as Africa at large and for this we do  encourage our staff to take their knowledge to the next level. 

Whether you travel with Jackson ; ornithologist and animals behaviourist  who  grew up in the chagga society at rombo hills area; with Mark ( The founder ) , who worked as a safari guide for over 15 years and who speak five languages - or with CHANDE ; A great ornithologist , an  animals behaviourist and a nature walk expert; We are confident that our guests will be escorted by the most suitable and knowledgeable Professional  field Guides available.

The safari guides are with you throughout the entire safari and get to know you personally. They’ll soon figure out what your favorite animals are, which scenery interests you most, how much safari driving you want and at what pace.


There are no constraints and you’re guaranteed not to end up with a guide who simply flies through the safari in an attempt to cram everything in. We leave those safari guides for the other companies!

It's not uncommon for our guests to stay in touch with us long after they've left Africa. Many of them have become 'regulars' and pay us a visit every few years. Twaha, being among the most knowledgable and experienced safari guide  is especially happy when this happens because he already knows what their preferences are so he can create an extra special itinerary for them.


Whether this is your first or fifteenth visit to Tanzania we guarantee you won't forget the clean, crisp scent of the arid African breezes, the crimson-orange sunrises over Ngorongoro Crater or the attentive care of your personal safari guide. We know you'll take some wonderful memories of Africa with you that can sustain you until you're able to join us again.