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Tanzania cultural tourism



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About cultural Tourism


In many areas, rural life is an attraction on its own. Carefully cultivated plots and lush tropical vegetation form a backdrop for simple traditional houses. Women in colorful dresses carry baskets of water and bunches of firewood back home. Villagers participate in development projects, from irrigation systems to primary schools.


The people are willing to receive tourists and show them daily life, culture and scenery in their villages. They see tourism as an activity that can create employment and generate income, which can be used for improving their living conditions.


Ilkiding'a cultural tour - ARUSHA

The following are on offer:
- A visit to a local traditionally built household to get an idea of how an extended family lives together
- Traditional dancing: We can bring the dance to you or you can bring the people to the dance.
- A walk through coffee plantations and open fields where potatoes, cabbages, maize, beans and other cash crops are cultivated by the villagers.

- A visit to a traditional healer, who is ready to answer all your questions and give advice if needed a visit to the craftsmen prepared by the Mainyoito Women’s Group at one of the households
- The pleasure of impressive viewpoints overlooking Arusha town, hiking along narrow footpaths, crossing a canyon and climbing small hills. You can take a half day tour, full day tour or a 3 day south-west Meru cultural hike.

Meet “Vakyeku” women Cultural group (3 hours): 
This is a group of traditional dancers made up of widows and old women. Join in their song and dance (Mbere). Take part in bead and handicraft making.

Various tasks at the farm (2 hours):
This tour will give you an opportunity to join in the day to day activities feeding chickens, goats and cows, fetching water, tilling with hoes that defy technology, planting, weeding, harvesting, pounding, grinding. Learn how to extract honey from the small stingless bees. The honey is known for its antiseptic, antioxidant and cleansing properties. Learn the names and uses of medicinal plants, herbs, shrubs and trees. Learn how to make fire by rubbing two sticks together.

A walk to the source of the Usa River (3 hours):
The tour will first take you to the nearby dark pool, feared by many for its dark water. Experience the errie feeling. Walk on through hills and valleys to Nkoanekoli Village and into the forest, where the river starts. Usa River is renowned for its life giving water to hundreds of people who live in its vicinity. You will also be able to observe flora and fauna. Be one with nature.