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Why Tanzania?
Why Small world Tanzania?
Serengeti national park
Climb mount Kilimanjaro
Climb mount meru
Pre departure info

Being a locally owned safari company, Small world tours is a non - profit tour company , whose major purpose is to share any little income made from our happy guests with the indigenous world . To manifest this vision, we have remained an example in providing a very safe, clean and respectful working environment to all our employees.  Unlike  most of other safaris companies  ,  Our entire team that include; Driver guides, Cooks, Porters, and other staff receive good salaries and allowances, as our priority is to provide a service beyond expectatons to ALL our guests , but also to ensure our staff are well paid and also channel the fruits to the local communities we live with.


Small World Tanzania™ comes highly recommended by Philip briggs ( through his Guide to Tanzania’s book ) ,  also by GALLERY TRAVEL GUIDE to tarangire national park with a photograph of Mark nasira ( Founder and safari guide ) at a walking safari, as well as on forums such as , lonely planet,  Los viajeros, Facebook and all guests who have arranged safari(s) or expedition(s) with us have become close friends of Small world Tanzania and have referred us to friends and their families.





Account number: 0071179001

Swit code: DTKETZTZ


Branch: Arusha city branch


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  Serengeti National Park   Mount Kilimanjaro
  Ngorongoro Crater   Mount Oldonyo Lengai
  Lake Manyara National Park   Mount Meru
  Tarangire National Park   Lake Eyas
  Arusha National Park   Lake Natron
  Katavi National Park   Lake Victoria
  Mikumi National Park   Zanzibar Island
  Ruaha National Park   Bagamoyo Historical site
  Udzungwa National Park   Gombe National Park
  Selous Game Reserve   Serengeti baloon safari

An African Safari ("Safari" means travel in the Swahili language) allows you to explore an astonishing diversity of landscapes, abundant wildlife and fascinating cultures in Tanzania while visiting the famous Tanzania National Parks within Northern and Southern Tanzania. The vast open plains of Serengeti park with the largest concentration of wildlife in the world and famous for annual wildlife migration .


Africa's Eden the unique Ngorongoro Crater, the spectacular Lake Manyara National Park in the Great Rift Valley with its tree climbing Lion, Tarangire National Park, famous for its eco system with huge Baobab trees and large herds of Elephants and Arusha National Parks hidden treasure on the foothills of Volcanic Mount Meru will make your visit to East Africa unforgettable. A Kilimanjaro climb is one of the most exciting experiences when you travel in Africa.



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